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Premier Sports is a player development service that offers teams, organizations and individuals the opportunity to obtain a sport, position and player specific program that will allow them to maximize their potential mentally and physically.


At Premier Sports Player Development Inc. we pride ourselves in building the most personalized development programs possible. Each of our athletes will receive a one-of-kind custom program designed to develop and enhance each athlete’s on field performance. Safety and efficacy is our goal with all of our programs, each athlete and parent is provided direct access to our team for advice, updates or any changes they may need throughout the duration of their individual program. We offer a wide variety of services all of which are fully customized by our team which will provide each athlete with the ability to reach their peak performance on the playing field. These services include:

● Team Bundles
● Strength and conditioning program + nutrition bundle
● Arm care programs
● Online hitting analysis
● And More!

Take your team to the next level

Reach out to partner with us and provide your players with the tools and training necessary to become bigger, stronger, and faster. Premier Sports works directly with the coaches and staff to provide custom programs for each athlete to maximize their performance.

Train like a Premier Sports Athlete

Choose one of our custom workout and nutrition plans. Whether you are looking for a program that will incinerate that unwanted body fat or a program to add on pounds of lean muscle we have a program for you!

Muscle Building Programs

Our muscle building program is for those who are tired of hitting a plateau in the gym and want to increase their size and strength exponentially. This program offers a combination of High Intensity and High volume training that will allow you to take your body and progress to the next level. This custom program includes a 4 week workout plan, day by day nutrition plan and a weekly phone call from our team to guide you towards a next level physique.


Fat Loss Program

Our fat loss program is for those who are finally ready to get rid of that unwanted body fat. This program will force your body to rid of that unwanted body fat by high intensity training and a nutritional plan that will incinerate that body fat you have been trying to get rid of for years. This program allows people of any experience level to get the body and physique they are looking for. This custom program includes a 4 week workout plan, day by day nutrition plan and a weekly phone call from our team to guide you towards a next level physique.

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Let Premier Sports Get Your Player on the Right Track for the Next Level

Improved Performance For Every Athlete!

Here at Premier Sports we offer programs for all athletes looking to exponentially increase their on-field performance. Our workout and nutritional programs are custom built for each athlete that will allow them to reach their goals through high intensity sport specific training that will increase your strength, speed, agility and stamina. Our athletes receive scientific and data driven programs that will allow them to train and fuel their bodies in a way that will maximize their individual performance and results. Our goal at Premier Sports is to give every athlete of every skill level a way to reach their goals and full potential. We provide programs for in-season, off-season training, step by step nutrition guides, recovery and injury prevention to allow each athlete to build the fundamentals to progress and maintain an elite level of performance.

Stay Focused in Pursuit of Your Players' Dream.

We provide the athletic guidance and consulting to stay focused in the competitive sport of baseball.  Please call us at (904) 312-9171 today and let us discuss how we can address your athlete’s specific needs and exceed your expectations.

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