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Premier Sports is a player development service that offers teams, organizations and individuals the opportunity to obtain a sport, position and player specific program that will allow them to maximize their potential mentally and physically.
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Team Bundles


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  • Customized Strength & Conditioning programs
  • Position specific arm care programs.
  • Goal specific nutritional programs
  • Athlete specific recovery program.
  • Mental approach coaching for each Player to provide an approach to the game and maximize their performance on the field.
  • On demand 24/7 access to our team with any questions about their program and ongoing changes as they progress through the program and season.
  • Keep track of each players progress and maximize their performance.
  • Join the team throughout the season to assist with building each players mental approach to the game whether it is in the batter’s box, on the mound or in the field to maximize their on field performance by slowing the game down and creating an effective routine they will follow day in and day out.
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Individual Services


Individual Player Package

  • 16 Week Strength and conditioning + Sports Nutrition Program
  • Arm care package
  • 4 online hitting analysis per month
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In Season Strength and Conditioning Program + Nutrition Bundle
4 Weeks – $99

During the season most athlete’s experience a loss in weight and strength due to the demand of their schedules and the calories burned between practice, conditioning and competition. Strength and weight play a huge role in our durability as athletes and with the loss of size and strength our ability to stay healthy and productive on the field has a larger chance of being compromised.  With this program it will guide you through the season to continue becoming bigger and stronger despite the demanding schedule of an athlete.

Muscle Building Program
4 Weeks – $99

Our muscle building program is for those who are tired of hitting a plateau in the gym and want to increase their size and strength exponentially. This program offers a combination of High Intensity and High volume training that will allow you to take your body and progress to the next level. This custom program includes a 4 week workout plan, day by day nutrition plan and a weekly phone call from our team to guide you towards a next level physique.

Off Season Strength and Conditioning Program + Nutrition Bundle
4 Weeks – $99

The off season is our chance to maximize our strength and size moving towards the next season to increase our on field performance. This program is focused on drastically increasing your size and strength over the course of the short off season to prepare your body to perform at your peak during the entirety of the season.

Fat Loss Program
4 Weeks – $99

Our fat loss program is for those who are finally ready to get rid of that unwanted body fat. This program will force your body to rid of that unwanted body fat by high intensity training and a nutritional plan that will incinerate that body fat you have been trying to get rid of for years. This program allows people of any experience level to get the body and physique they are looking for. This custom program includes a 4 week workout plan, day by day nutrition plan and a weekly phone call from our team to guide you towards a next level physique.

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Arm Care Programs $39 each

In Season- Arm maintenance and durability

Arm care is one of the most important things we can do as an overhead throwing athlete.This arm care program focuses on the day to day strengthening exercises to allow your arm to stay healthy and fresh while aiding in the prevention of arm soreness and injury. Each program is player and position specific to maximize the results for every individual
based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Arm Care Programs $39 each

Off Season- Arm strength and explosiveness, increasing velocity and durability

Arm strength and durability is a major asset in baseball/softball.As arm strength and velocity becomes more of a focus in the game, durability and injury prevention must follow suit. This arm care program can help you maximize your off- season efforts to increase your arm strength, explosiveness, velocity and durability in a safe and proven manner.

Online hitting analysis packages or individual

At Premier Sports we want to explain the why to every skill, mechanic and approach to the game. This hitting analysis allows our team to examine your swing mechanically, create a plan of attack to create better on field results whether it is mechanical or your mental approach. These analysis will include a facetime or phone call to go over your analysis and discuss your plan moving forward.

Phone consult on building your approach as a pitcher or hitter. $15

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Booking Needs


  • Booking for phone consultation- Individuals
  • Booking for phone consultation- Coaches or Organizations